I Rate This Blog Irrelevant

this past weekend included cameos from the concepts of awkward and silly-perfect!

snidbits + tippets (vs. snippets + tidbits) as follows–

i had a kitchen snafu. i was making cookies for some VIPs. usually, i take a whole afternoon for cookie preparation, but this was a last-minute endeavor attempted on a time crunch. in hindsight, i should have foreseen the haphazard nature of the situation.

things were progressing just right. all legions of cookies seemed ready for mouth combat. however, one batch was still a little soft around the edges. so i decided to send it back to oven boot camp for some slight toughening up. just as i was trying to place the floppy tray back in the barracks, all the half-formed dough bodies committed mass mutiny, and slid collectively in one precise unified squadron formation to the floor.

all structural integrity, if there had been any to begin with, collapsed! a mound of dough on the floor with a few lone survivors still on the pan, ghosts of their former well-shaped selves! i rate this event AWKWARD – i give it 3 out of 5 elevator small talks.

cookie d’oh!
photo courtesy of Flickr and MShades

i also rate all my recent comedy-related endeavors AWKWARD – i give these events 5 out of 5 elevator small talks.

however, in positively positive news, i found my latest comedic influence. while i had always suspected i’d be a fan, i didn’t realize how much. my eyes and brain were recently massaged with a timely viewing of the SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS movie!!!

babies have good intuition
photo courtesy of Flickr and jerrroen

i am a convert. my new religion involves a yellow cleaning supply and his compadres. and i’m PROUD TO SAY IT. i rate this conversion event SILLY PERFECT – i give it 5 out of 5 teletubby pick up lines.

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