More Like Recordorable!

in case you thought my life was glamorous, you would be right.

it’s colder inside than it is outside! and it’s only february!

*global warming dance*

i’m listening to sad songs on recorders (street name: fipple flutes HAHAHAHA). the very same genre popularized by kids with recorder solos during school concerts in 4th grade (before everyone got to pick a “real” instrument).

the lulling sarabandes and the frisky gavottes that caused non-solo kids’ parents to dab at their eyes and applaud, thinking “i wish MY CHILD were gifted and talented.” recorder solos were brilliant. in the proper atmosphere, the recorder solo equates with the image of swans swimming on ponds and admiring their dapper reflections while in the foresty background, fairy nymphs practice the cute little run that fairy nymphs typically do.

i make eye rain.
photo courtesy of Wikipedia

but taken in any other context, no one even realizes the gravity of the matter, or cares. cruel hand that fate dealt “greensleeves” and internal duct flutes.

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