Did Someone Request an Eye Roll?

i just put in two technology help requests, and was within ten minutes, requited with the beck and call of the service gods. but the duo of incidents left me feeling inadequate.

1. my first request was because my phone came down with a bad case of uselessness some time yesterday. the dial tone disappeared, and the device became an unimpressive piece of plastic and wires that kept flashing the infuriating message “Locked Out” in the little caller ID box that might as well have said “I Got Tired of Working. At Lunch Indefinitely.” phones eat minutes if you were wondering what dining options are for phones. there’s a great take-out place across the street that knows how to scramble a good hour of anyone’s time on toast. anyhoo, i put in a e-ticket help request for my locked out phone. seemed pretty hopeless. not two minutes later, someone comes in, pushes a button on my phone with no fanfare whatsoever, and says “ho hum, now it should be working” and leaves. lo and behold, the phone started working again.

at least my phone wasn’t struck by lightning
photo courtesy of Flickr and david.nikonvscanon

well i could have hit the Cancel button if that’s all it was! i felt a bit unrescued, truth be told. that’s like if i was a damsel hanging out of the dragon-of-the-month’s mouth – some apathetic prince shows up, kicks the dragon in the shin thus causing it to unclench its jaw, and then unceremoniously peaces out – leaving a now safe but ego-bruised damsel on the cave floor wondering where she went wrong in life while counterculture prince takes off for royal gentleman’s slam poetry club, or wherever hipster princes go after routine rescues. anyway, since then, i have managed to lock out my phone again and re-rescue myself from the impending doom of missing the 1-3 phonecalls i get (if i am plucky) per day.

2. the second help request was even worse. my email outlook out-of-office assistant wasn’t working. the little function that sets up an auto-reply to people when you are on vacation or avoiding correspondence, was not in the mood for functionality. i figured this issue might take some more finesse than a mere phony alarm. so i was pretty pumped about getting to the bottom of the botheration. this story is even more sordid. again, the guy shows up semi-instantaneously to help me. i open up my email program. everything. works. fine. everything that was malfunctioning before is now a mere dream as if i log-in fake problems to waste everyone’s time. i appear a complete buffoon. the saving grace to this incident was how the IT guy closed up the situation.


he made it look like a heavenly miracle resolved my issue – no explanation whatsoever and look at all! those! exclamation! points! i put on a party hat after looking at this dazzling conclusion to another misappropriated use of company time.

Also, new NBC blog up. Craw craw. Craw craw. Crowing for attention. Craw craw. Redundant, as personal blogs are, in essence, where egos go to get tune-ups after every 5,000 emotional miles of service.

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