Injured Sniff

i had a bloody nose for a lot of last week. not a serious one. not like my nose was having its period. just some occasional spotting. anyway. the point is, despite last week’s non-incidents involving red rivers and my nose, this week my nose is scarred on the inside. it’s like a battlefield. the problem is when i try and snog all the snuff out of it, it’s like pins and needles up in there. who decided nostril scar tissue would be sharp and pointy? please. who decided that?

that’s the question of the week. i’m putting it on the table. let’s see how long it stays there before some namby-pamby comes in and brushes it off as inappropriate and gross. my main query is shouldn’t nostril scar tissue be soft and malleable? wouldn’t that be a win-win for everyone?

blowing my nose right now is equivalent to stabbing it repeatedly with pieces of itself. do you see the problem here, anybody? specifically darwin?

oh, speaking of tissues of import, check it out charles! the putty-noses are hitting the books!

best candy name ever discovered at a movie theater this weekend:

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