It’s the Communication Breakdown, Throw Your Hends Up!

i love the written word, specifically done well (as however subjectively determined by me).

the only thing i love as much as the written word done well is the beautiful disaster known as the muddled-beyond-belief typo. specifically when the mbb typo happens apropos of nothing.

my friend tony supplied me with a perfect example earlier today. take a look at this:

“no. Thato havet’s the right mindset”

what does it even mean?! i have been decoding it for a good few minutes now.

you know what?

i don’t even want to know! that would be like me asking someone to explain a rainbow, and then they start going into science talk, and then i get angry.

i’ll consider it a gift, and leave it at that.

TYOP GALLERYY (no mbbs, unfortunately)

in memori..ummmm…wait
photo courtesy of Flickr and Sylvar

at least it’s in the right place
photo courtesy of Marcin Wichary

i think this person believes that the letter S wards off evil
photo courtesy of Flickr and SharonaGott

the bank’s not the only establishment who’s embarrassed!
photo courtesy of Flickr and Mike McCaffrey

sounds advanced for its age
photo courtesy of Flickr and ninjapoodles

i’m assuming this is lol-hilarious (you just had to be there)
photo courtesy of Flickr and jetalone

2 thoughts on “It’s the Communication Breakdown, Throw Your Hends Up!

  1. I Am Dali says:

    Bnaks build up their reputation, then what happens? It’s back to the drawing boards when the cuustomers realize it’s not actually a bank.It’s like if people gathered round me and sat in my shade because they thought I was a tree, then they realized I was actually a broken umbrella.All hope is lost. Some ordinance says I gotta be torn down.And from there, cookies start crumbling.

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