G-Rated Wanderlust

Because it’s spring now, more and more people are putting up lists of their upcoming life events/engagements/summering locations!

This is generally so that they have things to look forward to so that life doesn’t become a monotonous hamster wheel running on electricity generated by a potato (self-referential)!

Anywhoo, because I’m jealous and petty, I want my own list. Without further ado about nothing:

April 1: Pretty much a regular day like any other. Wink.

April 12-14: Field trip to my kidney [get in touch with Miss Frizzle to finalize travel permits].

Miss Frizzle, in chicken form
photo courtesy of Flickr and just chaos

March 8-9, 2004: Go back in time–say hey to old me, tell her to stop freaking out, come back. Note to self: eat dinner after you come back, or you’ll be hungry again [most common time travel snafu].

April 20-23: Cairo, Texas!!! For ancestor’s cousin’s neighbor’s daughter’s current boyfriend’s didgeridoo recital. Note to self: Bring waterproof passport.

playing one is a didgeridoozy
photo courtesy of Flickr and Miguel Frutos

April 31: Doesn’t exist. Celebrate that.

May 5-6: Bunny’s wedding? Note to self: Buy/find a bunny. Draw a face on a carrot in edible ink. Rent out a high school gymnasium. Send out Evite.

May 12-?: Marinate some peas.

June 2: Bunny’s divorce proceedings. Finalize paperwork. Call tabloids.

photo courtesy of Flickr and Climbing Rocks

June 4-20: Traveling on coast of Spain via Google Earth. Note to self: Photoshop yourself into various pictures, and blog accordingly.

July 4: BBQ at Steve’s. Note to self: Get back in touch with Steve to minimize awkwardness.

July 15: Yearly physical. Note to self: Get TB test.

July 22: Pick up milk. Jog for Slothfulness Awareness (telethon)!

July 27-31: 2008 PTA Conference in the abandoned warehouse behind Chicago, IL.

August 21: Olympics Happy Hour.

wacky-colored chairs = one zany happy hour
photo courtesy of Flickr and acnatta

September 4, 2008-November 4, 2009: Watch The Secret everyday. Chart progress, or lack thereof.

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