Nominated for Another Awk-award

i have this new game i play at work. it’s a game of risk.

i write someone an email who works near me, and then i hit send. then at about the approximate time they would be reading it (five seconds later), i get up to leave my office for the bathroom or whatever, and i avoid eye contact with the person (to whom i sent the email), and pretend i hardly remember writing it―oh, it was so long ago! (this involves acting)

the object of the game is to feel weird and to make other people feel that you’re weird also.

my behavior is like an awkward hug. good intentions, poor execution.
photo courtesy of Flickr and allygirl520

LAST WEEKEND REC(r)AP, for no good reason:

  • friday night, i learned i can keep a good pout going for an entire evening, even through a comedy show! i should win a year’s worth of smiles (or eyebrow raises)!
  • saturday night, i learned coffee can wake you up beyond coherency and usefulness.
  • sunday night, i learned movies about puppies and kittens can actually be terrifying to watch (multiple bear fights).
  • i have also been enjoying the idea of pie + hammock. the marriage of one to the other, if you will.

    photo courtesy of Flickr and VirtualErn

    photo courtesy of Flickr and heydrienne

    spring called. it wants to meet up!

    speaking of which, i’ve been hit with a new NBC LOVEBLUG!!!

    lastly, a sort of coda!

    WEIRD TEDDY BEARS/HIPPOS (this is a crowdpleaser/teaser)

    11 thoughts on “Nominated for Another Awk-award

    1. mabergnes says:

      Hi.I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your stand-up. I’ve seen you several times, most recently at Solly’s and, as always, you totally rocked and kicked ass and I thoroughly loved your performance.I sat near you at Doug Benson’s performance last weekend and happened to tell my sister last night, “When I was at Doug Benson’s show I was sitting at the same table as one of my all-time favorite local comics!” and my sister said, “Did you say anything to her?” and I said, “No, I figured she wouldn’t want to be bothered.” and my sister said, “You’re crazy, I think she might have appreciated the compliment if you would have said, ‘hey- I’ve seen you perform, and I think you’re really funny,'” So, I’ve felt bad that I didn’t take the chance to tell you how much I enjoy your work when I saw you. You really are very talented and I hope to see lots more of your work soon!Thanks for all the laughs!monica

    2. Aparna says:

      hey monica,as the mayor of aparna city, i am presenting you with a key! and your very own day! (april 3!…not to be confused with april 1!…which is a big joke).thhhhhankkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuu for writing thisssssssss. i hate to say it, but your sister was right! i appreciate your comment hardcore.btw, april 4 is audience appreciation day!!!take the week off of work. you deserve it. ~aparna (who has not-so-subtle reactions to supernice comments)

    3. mabergnes says:

      You are soooo welcome! I really, really meant every word.And, damn, my sister is right- its actually a good thing, its embiggening to think that I could’ve just gone up and said hi and not have been met with and “Ew!” or whatever response my anxiety tends to anticipate.You’ve inspired me to be more bold.Thanks!monicaPS my sister laughed her ass off when i passed along the “don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it” bit you did. good stuff!

    4. Q.Ledbetter says:

      i do the e-mail thing, too.even better…we have an internal chat system and i use that to chat online to people who sit 7 feet away from me instead of just walking a few steps to their office.

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