Elevator Small Talk Is Most Awkward By Yourself

Today I found out I have to change offices next week. Not a huge problem except that my new office doesn’t have a window (my current one has two…so I’ll go mad quickly, but painlessly). The news confirms my intent to draw a giant picture of a window and hang it up in there.

Priorities, people!

Any suggestions for what kind of window to draw would be appreciated. I was thinking a submarine window with fish visible through it for one wall, and a window looking out on a deserted desert for the other wall. There’s two more walls, but I think those are best kept for minimalism.

I was thinking of making a picture of an elevator console next to the door so that when you close the door, the feeling of completely encapsulated, claustrophobic space will be complete.

Hello, hello, hello, is there anybody in there?
photo courtesy of Flickr and DerrickT

Watch a video of a man trapped in an elevator for 41 hours here.

2 thoughts on “Elevator Small Talk Is Most Awkward By Yourself

  1. Gregory says:

    I would draw a window that looks into a fake supply closet. Then when someone comes into your office you could say, “Hey Keith, can you grab me a pack of blue pens.” Keith will walk to the fake supply closet window and be confused. Then you can be like, “Damn it Keith, I’ll just do it myself. Get out of my office.”GregMyFirstHomeDC.com

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