Bring Your Own Rufies

So I got this Evite! Who doesn’t like getting a nice Evite? I hate responding to them though, or taking any direct action with them whatsoever, because then the pressure kicks in to “show up” and “look nice” and act in other responsible adult capacities.

This particular Evite is different though. Because it’s from people I do not know. I’ve gotten Evites from people I don’t really know directly before, but this time, I can’t even figure out who I know who knows these people. I just straight up don’t know who these people are except that they are fellow yoo-mans in this big, wide world who also enjoy weekend festivities. It’s not a big, clubby, clown-car party either where the hoped-for outcome is to jam as many gyrating bodies as possible into a given urban space. It’s a private affair with chandelier earrings and well-lighted digital glamera opportunities.

So rather than foolhardily thinking I’m popular, I’m erring on the side of extreme caution, as my primary superpower is gullibility. I would go so far as to say I distinctly foreshadow-smell a Carrie-type incident. In fact, my suspicions are confirmed by the fact that the event is PROM-themed. Ha! “Maybe” next time, ladies (no seriously, I have a time conflict)!

No, thanks. I still suffer from Post-Promatic Stress Disorder from the first time around.
photo courtesy of Flickr and enkrates


Also remember how I moved into a different office? No? It’s ok. You may still continue reading. Well, I don’t know if I mentioned it, but lots of my fellow employees changed offices at the same time. Our entire company was scrambled in its local geography. So today we have a walking tour to orient ourselves with our former neighbors’ new locations. With refreshments might I add! Dang yes, I’m excited! An afternoon stroll, and I don’t even have to exit the building and can leave my security card at my desk (not actually though)? Yes please!

The one thing lacking in this walking tour will be superb examples of moss growth. But one can hope!
photo courtesy of Flickr and SqueakyMarmot

P.S. I found an ad in the paper this morning for free bunion surgery granted you participate in a foot pain research study, for which you also get compensated! I’m telling you, guys. It doesn’t get any better.

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