Further Confirming My Superhumanity

I ate my morning banana with cream cheese today. Now I’m going to go sit in a corner and think about what I’ve done. To be fair, the cream cheese had walnuts in it. Ok fine, I’m going.

Oh wait, did I mention I’m a coffee psychic? I can tell if a cuppa joe is going to be tasty or wastey before I even have a sip of the voodoo brew. In the end I still drink it either way so it’s basically a completely useless superpower. However, if a bank were being robbed somewhere in Surreal City, well, let’s just say, I’d definitely be fully perked up and at the ready to call 9-1-1 on my veggie burger phone.

This picture is originally titled “Late for Work/Tarde p’al Trabajo”―fantastic.
photo courtesy of Flickr and Eneas
Original photo here.

Hey, so I found out yesterday, people actually read this thing!

Speaking of reading things (see what I did there?), new NBC blob is up. That’s right, blob. Read it and sleep.

Caution: This month, the spacing is absent and there is a redundant phrase contained therein (i.e., “four quadrants”). You have been accordingly warned.

4 thoughts on “Further Confirming My Superhumanity

  1. Anonymous says:

    My friends and I used to sit around and think of minor superpowers! Like having the power to tie only shoes with your mind, or the ability to turn any fabric into argyle. Yours would totally qualify.

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