Sass-quatch Punching In for Work

I am feeling SASSY today, folks!

Lookit what Gmail recommends I buy:

6 ft Lion-Tiger-Giraffe
Lifelike Cheetah-White Tiger huge plush zebra-elephant-chimp

Awwwwwwww, thanks Gmail! You know what I love.

Gives great hugs.

Also, I dressed up for work today for no particular reason. Most of work peoples are away at a conference! So it’s a purely selfish move on my part. Plus I keep sporting these wide-neck tops where the neck is so wide that the bra straps can’t help but get a little sunlight, naw mean? I’m not sure who I’m offending besides fashion in general. I’m thinking of pulling a turtleneck coup over the whole ensemble and calling it a day, for sighing out loud!

That’s what I’m talking ’bout!
photo courtesy of Flickr and maidRomyCD_MistressDarkLady

I had one of those moments of mundane heroism this morning when the elevator was closing on someone’s face, and I found the OPEN DOOR button just in time! And you could tell he and I were both surprised it worked out. Then he asked me to press the 3rd floor button, and that ended up being a whole hullabaloo. Then I ended up pressing the button with my middle finger because I was holding something at the same time (subtle rudeness).

But he did ask me how I was doing, and I said “Ok” which is my go-to answer in the morning (more like mourning, am I right people?!) and then I said “How are you doing?” And HE SAID, “I’m well. I’m not always perfect, but I’m always well.” This guy is the most contented person in the world. He also always has this look in his eyes like he’s gazing far off into the distance even when he’s looking directly at your face (cinematographical features?). It’s a wonderful thing. In conclusion, I’m glad the elevator worked out for both of us. He imparted some words of wisdom, I showed a mild grasp of basic technology. Really; it was gold for a Wednesday.

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