One Reason Why Office Doors Exist

Today I stood up and danced while I did some of my work. Not small moves either. Really big full-body type actions wherein I was getting some kind of point across, though I’m still not exactly sure what it was. It was techno music if that helps the mental picture at all.

But guess what? The dancing helped.

(Don’t roll your eyes at me!)

No significant incidents occurred except that my headphones flew off my head at one point, but that was to be expected seeing as how they were plugged into the computer’s hard drive.

Here we go now, here we go now…
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Also this…

The statue right outside the National Community Pharmacists Association* is a respectable-looking male pharmacist pouring some type of medicine/pills into a jar while an onlooker, in the form of a small lad, gawks at him (to the extent of covering his tiny mouth with a scarf…now that’s classic old-fashioned gawking for you).

How truly excellent. It must have been made back in the time when pharmacists were considered everyday superheroes! That’s the thing though. They still are!

*If you dig this trade association, you might also enjoy:

  • The Snack Food Association
  • (if you like chips)

  • The National Council of Nonprofit Associations
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  • The National Association for Year-Round Education
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  • The National Association of Sand, Stone & Gravel
  • (if you like road materials)

  • The National Association for the Self-Employed
  • (in case you feel left out of being in an association)

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    1. Aparna says:

      maria – i could use some of their services.bryan – i’ve heard it’s extremely mandatory that the audience participate as well; like punishably mandatory.

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