Covering Up Skin Secrets

I wore sunscreen to the office today. Yes, I realized I was going to be inside most of the day. I was just trying to cover my bases because I keep forgetting to wear sunscreen when I’m outside. So I had to do an emergency test run of fast ‘n’ furious sunscreen application right before work today. It was only a drill, but I barely passed. If corporate gets wind of this, my skin franchise is doomed. Sorry. I got too weird for the first paragraph of a post. Let’s keep it movin’ along…


Today, I got to thinking, trucks are really the black sheep cousins of cars. Why, just this morning, I was tailing a truck at a reasonable distance for much of my commute to work. And the whole way there, the thing spat gurgle on me of a surprisingly large quantity (i.e., more than could be reasonably expected). That’s when I proclaimed mightily to the air: TRUCKS ARE THE BLACK SHEEP COUSINS OF CARS!!!

Here is my reasoning:

1) They are awkward sizes.

2) They fart and belch a lot.

3) They drink a lot of gas. Also diesel is the pure grain alcohol of petroleum. Ok fine; all petroleum is the pure grain alcohol of alcohol.

4) They embarrass themselves but don’t apologize for it. (I still need an example for this one.)

That’s all I have so far, but it’s called building a case, people. Give me a few more months, and I’ll get these heavyweights banned from most motor vehicle family reunions. Ok, I’m not that mean. But camman. They are pretty awkward.

As a high point, I will say that driving behind a truck reduces wind resistance. So they’re not complete bullies.

Just lookit you!
photo courtesy of Flickr and MarkWallace


In sports news, I can’t stop dusting (but not for fingerprints)! It’s amazing how much dust is generated in my general vicinity on a daily basis. No, I’m not going to take it back.

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