Cheer-Ups: Two Parts Love, One Part Cheekiness

I went to Alice’s memorial service at her aunt’s house over the weekend. All the stories shared and people that I met, especially her family, made me realize Alice was surrounded by so much love and warmth, and no wonder she was so generous with it herself. And that is something.

Also, because Alice didn’t like me because I was a sad lump all the time…

Here is my U.S.-based (thirtysomething-year-old) male cousin’s verbatim email review (apropos of nothing btw) of my Sig Otro (that is to say, the oh-novio):

“One more thing, I like your Boy Friend. He is cute, active and gets along with others very well. Please do convey my hellos to him (couldn’t quite get his name when he introduced himself to me).”

As Nadia aptly put it, “It’s like how you might describe a hamster
that you’re trying to give away.”

I love indian people sentiments translated into English.

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