Wrath of Grapes

Today’s breakfast was a muffin with an unsavory surprise. I say unsavory because it was more sweet rather than savory. Not that that changed anything!

The thing was full of disturbingly succulent raisins.

I should qualify that. I mean there’s full of raisins, but this was more like a dried fruit infestation. And that’s what I’m telling you; it was beyond a point where I could pick them out.

The utopian bready part was incommodiously overrun with little purple pustules. Yeah I said it!

Carbuncle of my eyes!
photo courtesy of Flickr and Lara604

And I’m not taking it back.

Because breakfast happened. And now it’s over. And we all have to move on. But not before I have some words about it. In my online journal!

Today’s Lesson: Bran muffins should never be juicy.

Afterthought: It wasn’t actually so horrible in retrospect. But it was not something that could happen without me saying something.

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