You Kiss & I Tell

I saw a couple sitting on a bench making out in a pretty little corner of a college campus last night but here’s the clincher. Their faces weren’t moving. They were just frozen in one long still-life of a tongue lock. Is this a new trend? If so, what’s the catch?

I mean, what’s the draw? The hook?

It was definitely fun for me, but for them, I don’t see the appeal as much.

A hard sell, folks, a hard sell indeed.

And don’t say they both had braces, and didn’t want their individual grillz to grate against each other. I will come find you, and make you take it back.

Like this, but like this at moments 1, 2, 3, 7, AND 51
photo courtesy of Flickr and pedrosimoes7

It was like a Big Red commercial but not in a good way. Yeah I said it!

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