(f)Arts & Craps

So I purchased my third comedy (i.e., joke-jotting, premise-gathering) notebook yesterday.

Yes, I’m bragging, but the joke’s on me because I fill them all up with such nonsensical, indecipherable burbling babble that even incredibly intelligent aliens 5000 years from now will wipe their butts with the pages. Because everybody poops*!

*I don’t actually think aliens poop.

The point is I decorated my comedy notebook myself to add a personal touch, and ended up making the most pretentious cover ever.


But then I put this on the back, just so people know I’m modestly self-aware.

And finally I put this note on the inside as a reminder to myself that art is entirely subjective. That is to say, one person’s life labor is another person’s dismissive hipster review.

The weekend means back-to-back episodes of Jurassic Fight Club! I don’t know how, but I’ll make it happen! *Twirl*

3 thoughts on “(f)Arts & Craps

  1. Michael says:

    I decided to read your blog. Let me just say using Fart instead of Art is comedy goal. The museum of modern FARTS. That is funny. Or the Hirshorn Museum of Fart. That is funny. I think farts are funny, and since you can’t see me I will just tell you that I am not being sarcastic. I hope you believe me. And don’t take the fact that I specifically mentioned that I am not being sarcastic as evidence that I am actually sarcastic. I wish I could prove to you that I meant what I said. I can never do that though. Never. Have a great rest of the summer.

  2. dpcoffey says:

    I’m glad I’m commenting before this post hits the ten-year mark. I’d feel old.* Looking forward to checking out your Netflix special.

    *I am old.

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