This Post Was Written With an Epi-Pen!!! THAT’S HOW EXCITED I WAS WHEN I WROTE IT!!!!!!!

So I got another haircut. It seems like I mostly get haircuts in life. Which is probably true. I consider getting your hair cut a hobby just like crafting. I went in for the last-minute Sunday appointment, which is always just a huge rush.

To make things more adrenaliney, my stylist was so excited the whole time; a fact that was probably compounded by the fact that she kept popping Jolly Ranchers. Don’t worry, she offered me some. But I prefer a line of Pixie Stix myself or a dab of hot brown water to the temples. Anyway, she wanted me to be her guinea pig because she had only done trims and blow-dries all day, and we all know how that goes! So she showed me this style she wanted to try on me, and honestly, I was scared. But I grimaced bravely and nodded assent. I was putting the fate of my follicles into this woman’s scissorhands!

She kept squealing the whole time, and she even took before-and-after pictures, she was so pumped. She finished with a big ole huggaroo. It ended up being a 2.5 hour haircut that she walked me through in stages (like a cooking show)!

And the most comforting part is, I love it (granted, it’s still in salon condition)!
(My stylist also made me blurry for free!)

Also I have a bug bite on the bottom of my foot. I don’t know how to handle these things. They are like the Sudoku of bugbites…a real head-scratcher of a foot-itcher.


I saw The Dark Knight finally. And I must say! There was this one scene where Random Mobster 42 made a really funny face when the Joker said something ridiculous. I mean, a really funny face. Like the kind you could send in to America’s Funniest Home Videos as an entry in itself. I’m surprised that the cameras did not pan in for a closer look. I wonder if later he brought up with a mobster friend what he found so gosh-darn weird about what the Clown Guy was saying, besides all of it.

Also did anyone else notice how the Joker kept telling everyone a different story about his scars? He must tell the worst stories at parties because it’s always slightly different but still like “LOOKIT ME!!! I WANT ATTENTION AND STUFF!!!” He’s definitely “that guy” at parties. Especially when he man-handled Rachel Dawes, and then got all up in her face even though he clearly needed a breath mint or something. I rolled my eyes and then they rolled me. It was that much exasperation. Men are such clowns, and clowns are such men. Am I right, LADIES?! *shrug*

5 thoughts on “This Post Was Written With an Epi-Pen!!! THAT’S HOW EXCITED I WAS WHEN I WROTE IT!!!!!!!

  1. StylePointer says:

    Hi Aparna. Perhaps the Joker is aptly named after all. Maybe his sadistic nature comes in the form of stories that have a bit of variance in ’em. Of course, when is a madman ever consistent, except about being crazy?Anyway, the Joker not only needs breath mints (and lip balm) but a radical makeover. (See A purple zoot suit? Puh-leez. And the makeup? I can roll with that … when it’s Halloween.

  2. I Am Dali says:

    ‘Also did anyone else notice how the Joker kept telling everyone a different story about his scars?’The second, inconsistent telling, came as a huge relief to me. It meant that the script wasn’t actually RIDING on the ridiculous pop psychology movie cliche of a psychotically abusive father having a son who turns out to be a sadistic murderer. (Which was the first telling.) It’s become a deus ex machina-like device for “explaining” the villains in the all the mutilation-porn that passes for cinema now. Not in Batman though!In other words, the joker’s second story means that the writers WEREN’T necessarily in the pig’s trough while brainstorming.

  3. Justin Cousson says:

    Actually, Aparna, we watched your entire set. We decided we were getting food during the next comic, realized you were on and stayed in the back because we weren’t going to just cross over during your set.Reallyreally, we wouldn’t miss you like that. And we have witnesses and proof.“Juno There Will Be Blood.”🙂

  4. Aparna says:

    Stylepointer – Thanks for stopping by! You win style points!i am dali – No I totally agree. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Signing off from the pig’s trough. justin – crisis averted; media alerted!

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