The Sound of the Plastic Coconut Barreling Through the Plastic Pineapples Is So Sweet…

I have been feeling emotional at work all week, and I was just squeezing out some mid-afternoon tears (sometimes they aren’t logical). And then, like clockwork, it was someone’s birthday. So I went to have some cake (it’s my responsibility).

When I got there, someone said “Tell us a joke!” To which I said, “No.”

But that’s when things got fun.

Someone broke out the pineapple bowling set right in the hallway. Coconut ball (complete with the three-hole grip) and pineapple pins! Straight from Party City! I rolled a respectable 6 out of 10. Though the highest was a clean strike, 10 out of 10. But the memories are forever.

Also someone cut up donuts and put the pieces around the cake. That’s called caring.

This is obscene.
photo courtesy of Flickr and cindlinz

Or at least it is until you look at this…
photo courtesy of Flickr and michellemorley

And let me drop some knowledge before I go. Owl chicks are born already looking pretty wise and worldly! Chick it out!
photo courtesy of Flickr and blue_eiki

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