Do Judge a Facebook By Its Cover

I keep getting helpful Facebook notices that so-and-so is no longer in a relationship, or so-and-so went from “It’s complicated” back to “Random Play” back to “Married”…I think that’s full circle, social networthing-style.

My favorite is so-and-so went from “Engaged” to “Divorced”…that one’s rare like Haley’s Comet. But when it happens, it’s a must-see event. I also like when within the span of three minutes, one person goes from “Single” to “In a relationship” to “It’s complicated”…that makes me think people are having fights on IM while simultaneously updating and re-updating their status on Facebook. Meticulous much?

I wish there was a relationship status called “Fuzzy”. I know that’s more or less the same as “It’s complicated” but it would be less about the characteristics of the relationship per se, and more about the fact that who really knows what’s going on in someone’s social life at any given point.

I also think there should be a relationship status known as “Hot Mess” which would be equivalent to don’t ask, don’t tell.

A girl can dream, and refresh and re-refresh her mini newsfeed page…

Photo courtesy of Flickr and SheltieBoy.

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