Spotted: Lonely Girl Getting Lonelier By the Nanosecond

Careful, A. Watching one too many late-night episodes of a certain TV show’s scandalously juicy first season online, and your reputation could very well end up on the endangered species/product recall list.


Kristen Bell AKA Hearsay Hussy i.e, Admitting I have a problem, I shamefacedly present to you the following as evidence of my downward spiral:

Not enough? I understand the feeling.

*I’ve decided to write oxox instead of xoxo because who goes in for a kiss and then a hug? And then repeats the whole thing willynilly throwing both caution and social standing to the wind? That’s creepy. One should always test the waters with a hug before deciding to bring lips into the equation. And then repeat for the sake of jurisprudence. Or maybe it should be oxxo, to be completely honest. Of course, I always try to keep PDA out of the PDA (Agh! I can’t stop talking like a city rag social columnist).

Rumor M’lady


Do you guys remember Susan Powter? I randomly reached for her name in conversation today, and it was then that I suddenly realized, she wasn’t all a dream!

Speaking of fitness, I’ve really been into the “5 workouts under 5 minutes” theory of staying active these days. Lucky for you, I end up being the PJ-clad teenager doing leg lifts when you call me on the phone, and yes, also the helpless kerfufflewad doing arm curls with my grocery bags.

Mmhmm, totally realize I’ve said too much.

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