Real-Life Soap Opera

I almost drowned some clothes last night. I didn’t know you could drown clothes either. But in the process of trying to handwash a few fancy threads in my tub, some of them almost perished.

For example, last time I checked, soap was still coming out of every pore of the genie pants, yes, the very same pants that I need to give back tonight.

I tried putting the sequined skirt in the dryer because it was so soppy, but it mostly heartily slapped water around and shimmered.

Further proof in the parental pudding that I’m not made for the real world.

Big ups to the washerpeople of yore. Handwashing is not easy, but to be fair, I didn’t have rocks on which to beat stuff mercilessly. Actually, that would have officially been the end of the gaudy garments, so one big retrospective thank gorrrsh.

Cocktail t-shirt
photo courtesy of Flickr and natalie’s new york

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