To the Moon!!

In true productive citizen fashion, I was brainstorming for sources of alternative energy during my lunch break and I think I hit on something big. Real big.

You guys, what about STAR POWER?!

Seriously, check these out:

The indomitable Angelina Jolie and Brad Pittphoto courtesy of Flickr and DanieVM

Tom “What Would Xenu Do?” Cruise
It’s Whoopi!
It’s all about the (Denzel) Washingtons
Jenny from the Block
Julia “Teeth” Roberts
Tyra “Animated Gif” Banksphotos courtesy of Flickr and cliff1066

Michael Jackson…needs no intro?
I included Nicholas Cage for good courtesy of Flickr and sopues

And these are all just wax replicas! (Could you tell?)

Imagine if they were actual paparazzi photos…or dare I say, real, live human celebrities breathing, chatting, and just generally being unbelievably fabulous?!

We’d have enough zip (new unit of measurement I just created) to propel the entire planet to the moon and back. I mean, if that’s what we felt like doing.

Otherwise, we could just fuel cars and light buildings. But seriously! They’re not just around to look pretty and make us feel somehow less as people. They’re useful too…

Not a browbeating, just a thought.

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