Wait, What Are You Trying to Say? (Self-Referential)

Today I’m especially all over the place.


First of all, I finally switched to Firefox from Internet Explorer, and it is blowing. my. mind. Usually, tech talk zooms me out because I can’t follow it. But, to put it simply, Firefox is, as Andy says, “a caring lover.” It does things for me I wouldn’t have dreamt of asking Internet Explorer to do nor would it have done them had I begged (sorry buddy, I know we had some good times, but let’s be real, we’ve both changed) .

For the first time in my life, I have options! At least on a Internet browser scale.

It’s a mere question of fonts, spacing, simple layout choices, drop-down menus, and new colors, the powerful combination of which easily upgrades my face to that of a cooing, gurgling baby pucker. Um, also? The Fox completes my http://sentences.com. Charming.

Firefoxy swag!
photo courtesy of Flickr and laihiu


Part 1: I had to interview a British gent earlier today and it made me realize how much I can’t focus on what someone is saying when they have an accent. I start daydreaming about everything related to their accent, and in a very rudimentary, antiquated, and nonsensical way. Don’t think I don’t scoff at some of my very notions! Crumpets? Really? Straight up offensive.

This way to stereotypes.
photo courtesy of Flickr and lbshopgirl

Part 2: Work and comedy seem to go hand-in-hand. Sometimes I work with PR firms that represent people or companies, and every so often, some nice publicist ends an email with something like the following:

“PS. On a completely random side note, have you ever done stand-up comedy at the Washington D.C. Improv?”

Why yes, yes I have. Google + YouTube = Trouble. My gut reaction is the same as when someone caught a peep of my undies in elementary school. Shame followed by denial.

Luckily for everybody (i.e., me), this story has a heartwarming ending and I can retell it at parties. Outstanding.


I realized I usually like kids, perhaps to the point of overly identifying with them, but sometimes, I’m on the fence.

Yesterday I was in a situation wherein I felt uncomfy around some kids. Mainly because they were screaming improv exercise warm-ups at each other, running circles around me, eating pizza, and sloshing soda like they meant it. I realized the closer in ages “kids” are to me, the more insecure I feel because I am often mistaken for one of them, and then immediately ostracized because I am not engaging in their fun and furious behavior.

I felt like a real goon! And no, the braces DID NOT HELP anything.

The clownfish had trouble blending with the sea weed crowd.
photo courtesy of Flickr and Joe Shlabotnik

In case you were wondering what a soft, stewed carrot looks like IRL, presenting the orange truth, totally soft and unmushed:

(I’m always talking about them; I thought I would put the matter to rest as to my qualifications and experience.)

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