Back to the Withdrawing Board

(wise advice I could still take)
Try to be like the turtle—at ease in your own shell. ~Bill Copeland

I tried writing something today, but nothing really was coming to me. And sometimes forced writing is disciplined and admirable, but it’s not the kind of work that needs to be exposed to the public voluntarily.

So instead feast (punintended) your eyes on this conversation snippet (conversational emotional breakthrough):

Ok I lied. There is stuff going on with me. But it’s mostly summed up as this nonsense below:

(To be fair, boyfie is trying to turn me back into a healthy vitamin kid, but my body is still resenting him to hell-o for it. My withdrawal is straight out of the angsty years.)

Lastly, Oh, Hillo sent me this relaxation video, and I am now, fittingly, addicted to watching and listening to it. It’s a koi pond, incidentally also the mascot of the local Zen Buddhist High School!

(I can’t believe someone gave this video a 3-star rating. REALLY?! If I weren’t so darn relaxed and non-confrontational right now, I would do something about that.)

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