PFT, U, & ME

Hi fellow friends and friendly fellows,

I just wanted to let you all know that I somehow ate enough Lucky Charms collectively over my life that I am straight up pooping good fortune, at this point.

On that scatological note (though there’s nothing logical about it beep bappa doo bap), I will be featuring for Paul F. Tompkins this weekend, Friday and Saturday nights at the Montgomery Drafthouse (just opened in Silver Spring, Murryland!) and Arlington Drafthouse, respectively…9:45pm BOTH NIGHTS.

I feel like a teddy bear possessing a not-so-subtle birthmark…fated!

Tickets and info…

HERE for Friday and HERE for Saturday.

This man is a genius, and I would highly recommend that you come out and see him, and then if you happen to see me while you’re already there, you can wave HI!!! And I will wave hi back. If I don’t see you the first time, wave harder! It works. Trust me.

Seriously, I’m pretty excited so I thought I should tell you guys about it. Also, here is some multimedia.

Paul F. Tompkins clips:

You guys are cool.

Malcolm XOXO,

P.S. For other blogs, new NBC one is oop & at ’em!

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