I’ve Got a Kitsch to Scratch

Firsties, come to this if you can/could/perhaps!

Where: 1942 11th St NW, WDC
Tonight @ 9pm
Hosted with grandiose commentary by Hampton & Aparna

LISA FINE (marvel)
MIKE WAY (mastermind)
JEFF MAURER (virtuoso)
WILL HESSLER (powerhouse)
RYAN CONNER (prodigy)


So today at work we had our holiday party! And because our party planning committee is fun and outgoing, they made us play a little mingle-jingle game wherein one of them stuck the name of a notable person on your back, and then you had to ask people around you questions to try and guess who the mystery celebrity was.

Look who I got!

NO, just look!
I KNOWwwwwwWWWWWuh. And no, it wasn’t a coincidence, but that’s cute that you thought that.

Also, boyfie and I actually did take a photo in LA. It was of a time travel store!! Well no, I’m not sure exactly what it carried as we didn’t have the foresight to go inside. I realize, in retrospect (sans time machine *sigh*), that this was a poorly made decision.

Lastly, at the kiddie school where I rehearse sometimes, I found this rendition of the President-elect. Technicolor! How jazzy! There was an entire series, but this one was my favorite.

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