Let Me Sleep on It

Yesterday was the cookie exchange at work! I amassed a real collection of divine goodies.

Then later, I had to go meet up with some friends for this photo shoot so I took all the cookies to share and get rid of them, and they ate most of them but one of my friends (whose name rhymes with Sharon) was like, “They are all good except I really don’t know about these weird cookies with the powdered sugar on them. Who makes those, honestly?”

And I was all like, “I made those.”

Long winter’s cat nap
photo courtesy of Flickr and dominiqs81

Also, are animals still hibernating these days? Or was that some weird ’80s trend? I am having trouble still believing they’re all curled up in the woods getting their deep sleep on. It sounds pretty made up. Hold on, let me check. Ok well, Wikipedia says it still exists. So, I don’t know. Go forth with that knowledge.

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