Lights Out, Party On

I love when the power is out at work before anyone even gets there because the atmosphere quickly devolves into this post-apocalyptic underworld deal as people start arriving. I accomplished more coworker bonding, more productivity, and more life camaraderie in the face of a natural phenomenon than I ever thought possible.

Us grunts covered so many topics while we tidied up our work spaces and flipped through relevant magazines (there’s little else to be done without a hard drive) such as the weather, non-work friends, our morning routines, the necessity for department flashlights, and the weather. I know!!!

It reminds me of this enchanting horrorfest. Feels like it was just yesterday.

Even the vending machines were a no-go!
photo courtesy of Flickr and chilie

Also, I am the poster child for dumb consumers everywhere. I went to a corporate coffee dealer to get some cocoa drink today. And they had regular hot chocolate and signature hot chocolate. More or less no difference except a ball of butter and three-quarters of a dollar in price. Of course, I’m all about getting the reg’lar, but something small and sinister beckoned me with, “Why regular? Get signature! Treat yourself!” So I did.

There’s no reason to listen to that voice. But I do. Also mine doesn’t ask nicely. It yells and demands. “GET THE OVERPRICED SHIRT! YOU’LL NEVER WEAR IT, BUT YOU NEED IT LIKE YOU NEED ME. AUGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

I will buy anything, even better-looking money.
photo courtesy of Flickr and pinguino

Lastly and clearly, I’ve been off coffee long enough to get a contact high from just visiting a place that sells it. Placebo-oooooh, snap.

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