Noodle Bowl Cut

To expand on a Twitter (which might defeat the purpose, but I don’t care),

I consider noodle bowls a form of cooking.

You have to cut open all the ingredients using some kind of sharp object…including a small seasoning packet of “vegetables.” And don’t forget the spices and sauces!

(This is the cooking part so pay moderately close attention.)

Unite them in holy matrimony.

Then nuke ’em into even holier fusion.

Then burn your hands off when you try and procure the plastic demon bowl from the microwave.

Anyway, the end result is a sodium-enriched, vegetable-shard-sprinkled, quasi-authentic-tasting culinary masterpiece.

Also, you will not regain feeling in your fingers until a few hours later.

Yeah, just like this but I simply imagined the complicated parts!
photo courtesy of Flickr and jslander

In Even Less Relevant News:

I am getting a hair cut tomorrow hence the blog title. I consider hair appointments like parties. You just don’t know who’s gonna be there or what you’ll end up saying or who you end up going home with! LADIESSSSSSSSSSSZ!!! Am I right?!?

The Onion continues dominating!

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