Vanity Hair

I realize even if I have no words of value to add as of recent, I shouldn’t just announce I’m getting a haircut and then leave people wondering what it looks like.

So these pictures are more out of generosity than any sense of ego or pride. Don’t misconstrue my intentions.

Also, I already did notice that my face is long, my nose is big, my skin is brown, and I have a lazy eyelid, so all diligent anonymous and pseudonymous Internet commenters can take a day off from their endless labor. Camman, you guys deserve it! Preaching the truth and telling it like it is all the time can get wearing on even the most tireless work ethic.

Cheerio, pip pop!

The What About Bob?


As for the cut itself, it was conducted under mild to moderate duress. I showed up 20 minutes late for my appointment wild-eyed and bearing a web photo of Mandy Moore on the red carpet. My stylist still generously agreed to keep me on his list of duties. He had to juggle me with two other clients, and to top it all off, my shampoo girl accidentally hit the shower jet with her elbow, which sent a cascade of water flying across the entire salon, the ensuing puddle from which another stylist almost wiped out in. Despite all the ballyhoo, a job well shorn!

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