Play Linkin Park on Lincoln’s Birthday; Also Log Onto LinkedIn, Call Livelinks, and Click on Links; Mostly Celebrate!

Nothing like a whole lotta links to look at to pass the time!
photo courtesy of Flickr and Clairity

The Internet did a good job of finding me the right information today. Good job, web crawlers.

Coming in my top search prize finds (note: no actual prizes were distributed) were:

The Onion News Network, with its scathingly accurate commentary on skankery.


Comedian Eugenius Mirman. He just wrote a jokity self-help book! He’s the bee’s knees. He also is going to be on a new Adult Swim TV show with Jon Glaser called “Delocated” (premiering tonight actually) that looks hysterical, by any stretch of the muscle we call the imagination.


This website,, passed on by my friend and improv visionary Patrick.

Oh, here’s one non-Internet thing that did a good job today: the Spanish Christian radio station I found on the drive to work this morning. Those people really took the genre and ran with it. There was something for every musical taste (well, minus all other religions including atheism, but let’s not split theological hairs when we’re trying to have a persecution-free time…) including dancehall, folk power ballads, sunshiney pop, and good ol’ tells-it-to-ya-straight-but-with-some-mixed-messages gospel.

Here’s one non-Internet thing that did a bad job today: the eyelash I found in my prepackaged hummus. Hu-mmust be kidding me! I tried to wish on it, but it stuck to my finger so I just had to wish it into the trash. Overshare + TMI = Stuff I Always Need to Know.

And to be fair(ly legal), the well-hung jury’s still out on this one, but…
favorite exchange from improv practice yesterday—

Interviewer: What strengths can you offer this company besides your dick?
Interviewee: That’s it!
Interviewer: Good! You’re hired!

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