Pride Goeth Before a Fall, So Coming Soon (Spoiler Alert!): *SPLAT*

O hai!

My lurvely friend Diana tipped me off as to a wee shout-out I got in this esteemed comedic magazine blog from the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, which I did stand up for this past weekend. Somehow, I had the most fun onstage I’ve had in awhile.

(Last paragraph only for the impatient multitaskmasters)

Fine. Here’s the goods for those of you who hate links:

“Four comics especially stood out to me: They are Aparna Nancherla, Joe Zimmerman, Maria Ciampa and Jeff Havens. Each one of these comics had a very strong presence, a unique point of view and excellent writing skills. In short, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these four, in the next few years, ascend to the surface of the underground.”

Also, North Carolina! Have you been? The hotel I stayed in was SPORTS-themed. Imagine it, only brighter! The room was in the Basketball section (there were four in totes: basketball, football, soccer, and fourth forgotten one). The adjoining restaurant was called Time Out Sports Bar, and all the employees had to wear referee uniforms. *Phweeep* Whatta fun time!

And I get to go backsies for improv this coming weekend.

It’s all so convenient because one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to make as many 5-hour drives as I could within the span of two weeks.

Starry-eyed, ovah heah!

Random Feel-good Photo of the Day:
A good technique to settle a troublesome restaurant bill = a zany pen!

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