Innocence on the Line Plus Shamelessness Too

This morning, I saw the best thing in the world!

It was a tiny train of tots being shepherded by their watchers and preservers by holding onto a rope. You can’t see the rope, but oh, it’s there!

I’m sure I’ve talked about this before because there must be a daycare center or something near my work, but it’s too cute to compute. Every time I see them, my heart needs a Zack Morris “Time Out” from real life for a few.

And today, the odds were stacked against me further because as the kiddies were approaching an intersection, ANOTHER train of hope-on-a-rope emerged from around the corner. Like two beacons of glowing youth passing in the daylight!

I had to stop myself from snapping cellphone pictures a little too liberally because I realized how inappropriate I looked. Do you pedo-feel me? TOO FAR. ‘Parna out.

No but actually, at one point, Group 2 experienced some kind of kid-tastrophe wherein 3 of the lil’ buggers decided to sit down at the same time, which caused another one to roll over and yet another one to let go of the rope in a frenetic panic state. Needless to say, the train had to make an emergency stop for apple juice and repairs.

Warning: Blatant Bragging Ahead!

I am the featured comedian on Rooftop Comedy’s Asian Comedy page this week (up until Monday, March 2, I do believe)! Yay! Thanks in advance for watching!

Here is the clip below:

And one more for good measure:

2 thoughts on “Innocence on the Line Plus Shamelessness Too

  1. Tara says:

    Hope on a rope! I love it. No joke but I giggle like the Pillsbury Dough Boy when I see kids on lead ropes. This one time when I was in London I saw a little uniformed line of 5 years olds (boys in tweed grey shorts, burgundy blazers and beanie hats etc…) not on a rope but all holding hands in a line crossing the street. I swear one of my ovaries exploded while the other one audibly wept.

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