Craft Cheese Moments

So this past weekend, myself and fellow DC comic Eli Sairs were granted the amazing opportunity to open for Maria Bamford, one of my all-time favorites in the following categories: comedic inspirations, life role models, and human creativity beans.

Oh and by the way, I have met her briefly before, but after getting to spend a bit more time with her, I can reconfirm a bajillion-fold that she’s a dream come true in person. Case in point, she owns Barack Obama earrings, and was in fact wearing them for the Saturday night show. She wore her First Family pin on Friday night.

I wish I could go on and on about how awesome and incredible the whole weekend was, but gushing sap trees aren’t the best bloggers, so I merely present this photo as evidence that the events actually happened. It’s blurry and dubious, but it’s just cellphony in reality.

Suffice it to say I am inspired and content beyond belief. It’s like my brain got seriously bedazzled.

In random conclusion, my mother was on a cleaning frenzy today and recovered some of my art work. This is a family portrait entitled, “You Are What You Eat.” The members in the photo from left to right are my father (as a cup of tea), my mother (as a banana), my sister (as a noodle) and myself (as a mango). 
My absolute favorite thing about this drawing is that I made it a mere 7 years ago, putting me at college age. How appropriate. 

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