Stuffed Organ Follow-Up

Further elaborating on the stuffed kidney mentioned below, there is an entire cast of characters sitting around in a waiting room just waiting to tell you how they are personally affected by Type 2 diabetes.

The gang includes a muscle, a pancreas, a liver, a fat cell, a cholesterol cell (the good kind), a kidney, and a stomach.

And they all have distinct voices and personalities!

Stomach is a girl, which is cute.

Kidney acts all bummed out.

And my favorite, triglyceride (i.e., fat cell), is a guy who sounds exactly like Mickey Rourke. Let’s just go ahead and say it IS Mickey Rourke.

Boyfie says it best: “It’s weird, I really expected them to do something cartoony, but instead they just give depressing speeches.”

For example, liver says, “Well, hello there! I’m liver! Type 2 diabetes really gets to me. First I end up producing way too much sugar, and if that isn’t bad enough, my cells end up becoming resistant to the very thing that can help, insulin! Bummer. Sheesh! Whoo! Bajeebies!”

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