All the Hot Minutiae As It Happens!

I just got a blank email from someone who goes by the moniker Darnell Muffins. It might be spam, but in the name of everything and anything magical, I hope it’s real.

Today was also the day my new office supplies came in! By which I just mean my very own set of “awesome pens” that I so humbly requested. Look at the colors and clicking technology! My purpose in life never made quite so much sense as it does now.

What I mean to say is I finally have something to talk about at the *NEW* water cooler (we switched to a new water dealer—but I’ll save that for another post). In fact, you won’t get me to shut up about them (especially at the upcoming pizza lunch). Look at me. I can’t stop bragging!

Also, I bumped into an old friend yesterday. He’s full of rage these days. I would recommend anger management classes, but I don’t want him to bite my head off.

SO SILLY. I need a time-out and a piece of humble pie.

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