Do You Know the Muffin Man? If So, Please Tell Him Thanks for Me!

Something wholely unexpected happened this past weekend.

I received a muffin basket! And it was delivered to my improv theater, not even my house! The point is, it was received in public in front of many a salivating eye.

Disclaimer: I am not the person who receives mysterious gift packages, especially if said gift packages include delicious, homemade baked goods, truffles, a chocolate bar, and a complimentary mug.

Guilt-claimer: Yes, I actually used the self-deprecating italicized note above to unabashedly brag. It’s called arrogant wolf in sheepish clothing.

The basket turned out to be from the very gracious host of a show taped at a public access TV station that I performed in last year.

Economy, schme-conomy, right?! If the gift is deserved (though I cannot confirm the veracity of this statement), send it.

Anyway, I tried to share the wealth among friends and wish-they-were-my-friends alike, muffles, truffins, and all, but the real joy was in carrying a cozy-looking gift basket down the streets of DC after midnight, past wary-eyed hipsters and beyond-cool clubbers, leaving a trail of wholesome feelings that don’t usually exist at that hour in my wake.

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