Joke’s on Me! *Hahahahahaha…Cut to Sobbing*

Tragically, this is not an April Fool’s day fake post, but oh, how I wish it was! But it’s so rather bizarrely fitting anyway.

Recently, I got a very nice fan email. I know! A fan mail! I was equally as bemused as you, gentle reader.

This person caught an improv show of mine recently and “didn’t really get where I was coming from” (red flag? prrrhaps) so they did some Web-vestigating, and said, upon perusing some of my other comedy clips, that they enjoyed my work. Very nice, very nice indeed. I did a standard amount of bragging about it within my inner circle.

But then. I broke a golden rule of the performer-audience member continuum. I wrote back and opened up with some sincere sentiments of gratitude and tiny, well-intentioned overshares such as my comedic history, current musings, etc.

Which led to him writing back and opening up with some sincere sentiments of his own…


…I don’t think you’re ready…

…no, wait for it…

…seriously, just wait…

…it’s coming, and you better be prepared…

…ok, last warning…

“To be totally honest: when I saw you in the [improv show], I thought you might have a speech problem or developmental disability. Having seen your [YouTube clips], I no longer think that. It seems you’re trying on different approaches.”

My first reaction was I just choked on what would usually be considered a standard breath of oxygen.

Excuse me while I go look up feedback and see the part I overlooked where it involves commenting on my brain capacity. The best thing is that this person was, by all appearances, trying to be encouraging. I am at a loss for words probably due to lack of bloodflow to my amygdala (where the emotions/fear responses lurk).

Thank you! And good night!


Maximum pwnage achieved!
original photo courtesy of Flickr and bread_man_017

5 thoughts on “Joke’s on Me! *Hahahahahaha…Cut to Sobbing*

  1. Mikael J says:

    Well you did not over-share with this, this well, I can not form the words as the helmet I am wearing is too tight and I must go adjust it.

  2. Gompkin says:

    Yesterday I showed off a new coat at work. I really liked it. A coworker asked to try it on, and after putting it on, remarked “I kind of feel like a plus sized model.” Jesus Mary and Joseph. I feel your pain.

  3. Aparna says:

    Mikael – Ha!

    Kevin – Ha!

    Sean – Ha!

    Gompkin – Welcome! and oh no, but you’ll look back and Ha! about this one day.

    Thanks everyboody!!

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