Cheery Blossom Dance Party!

That’s right, CHEERY BLOSSOMS. Because they make me happy! The Cherry Blossom Festival is back in town. My sometimes dance group, Dhoonya Dance, had the opening slot for last Sunday’s festivities (about a week ago, so yes, all the breaking news here).

Check us out! But first, the blossoms!
The Jefferson Memo!
These are our little kiddies who performed before us. Some delightful tourist asked if any of them were in Slumdog Millionaire. I KNOW.
They are, in fact, looking straight hood here though.
Pretty in pink!
Pretty in pink 2: Back in the habit!
I weaseled my way into this picture.
Oh, me again!
I look discontented. WHY!
Oh wow, me again. It’s like I rigged it.
Soulful. Simple. 
Lady Gaga would be proud. We are just dancing.
My friend Shailee rockin’ it.
Somehow running out of self-involved captions.

Spin city!
Fun cheesy ending pose!

We are done-zo.
I have trouble looking at the camera!
There goes my soul!

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