Local Fame Is More Eco-Friendly (But Less Ego-Friendly)

Don’t GO GREEN with envy, but I’m in the papes today. So are some other worthy comrades of mine, including geniusface Karin Hammerberg!

(Click it to zooooom, baby, zooooom)

Before you get all huffy, I look like a total communist.

Plus I said I want to start a “revolution of silence.” Tell me that doesn’t sound slightly ominous. In the web version, it clarifies that I meant people can’t talk for a day, but the print version was just like, nah, let’s make the lil’ naif sound as sociopathic as possible.

I’m going to have to call my people and have them clear this up before it goes interplanetary, but for now, feel free to make up rumors and blacklist me (I’m looking at you, McCarthy)!?!

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