I’ve Got My Eye on You

I found a lone googly eye at a show on Wednesday night. Fate, clearly.

So I did the only thing a respectable person in my position could do.

I brought it to work yesterday morning and I tried it out on everything in sight throughout the course of the day.




Telephone (land line, y’all!)

Floor Lamp


Iced Coffee

Tape Dispenser

Somehow one googly eye is a googol times creepier than the sheer oddball cuteness of two, but you know what. It’s totally growing on me.

I could really get used to having cyclops friends all around my office. Unfortunately, they all have to share one eye.

But they’ll take turns. You’ll see. Everything’s going to be just fine*.

*And I don’t just mean that in a plebeian TGIF sort of way.

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