Good Blog! *Pat, Pat*

Hey, guess what?! Time for bragtime ditties! Cue me up, Scotty (Joplin)!

My famous friend Erin Jackson, who’s been on Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing, and, oh, I don’t know, just a lil’ ol’ big deal called The Ellen DeGeneres Show, gave my blog a shoutout in an e-nterview. This one’s frameworthy, kiddos!

Anyhoozle, here’s the GOODS (shoutout is at the bottom for those of you who enjoy spoiler alerts*). Erin is this week’s featured guest for Blogger Beat for the Washingtonian‘s Capital Comment Blog.

This woman is simply a pure delight, and soon, the entire universe will know it!!! In the meantime, I will take short, manageable rides on her coattails, just to get from the couch to the fridge to restock (on ego), for example.

*Random thought: Spoiler alerts might take all the fun out of movies, but they put all the fun back into food. Nobody likes to bite into a soggy banana or a moldy cheese without some sort of a warning.

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