Current Outlook = Giant Question Mark/Poor

Oh man, so I opened up my Outlook calendar and saw that I have an hour-long “planning meeting” scheduled for bright and early tomorrow morning but I couldn’t recall what it was about, and so I opened it up and it said this:

Hi all,

Please try to attend this meeting, because upcoming events will be discussed.



Uh, could I be any vaguer?!

Plus I didn’t invite anybody else AND I scheduled it at a time before I normally even get to work AND I have no recollection of setting up this meeting.

Please choose the best option that summarizes this situation:

a) I am officially bonkerbananas.
b) My mandatory company Microsoft Outlook courses (with hands-on, real-life simulation exercises!!!) are bleeding into my real life.
c) My mandatory company Microsoft Outlook courses are ruining my life in a very mundane, trivial way.
d) All of the above.
e) Alien ghost babies.

P.S. In other office-related news, I just got aged cheddar crumbles all over my mouse. The saddest part is the first thing I thought after it happened was, good thing mice love cheese!!!

(No, nothing? Too soon apparently. After all, the poor lil’ guy can see everything I’m typing. Nobody is Ling-OL at his expense! You hear me? Nobody!

But golly gee, if cheese got under his buttons, I am going to have one stinky robo-rodent on my hands…IT halp request, stat!)

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