Navigating the Choppy 9-to-5 Seas

So I get to work today still in my long weekend mourning period and what do I see but the chair spawn on my desk next to my keyboard, yes, the very same keyboard WHERE I DO SOME OF MY FINEST WORK/WEB EXPLORING.

The cleaning peeps must’ve thought I dropped it and was too lazy to pick it up for about 2.5 weeks (so they finally did it for me out of pity/concern).

GAWWWWRRRR. Don’t they know and recognize that it’s a piece of office offal! A rolling, spinning device’s droppings! A piece of furniture’s half-twin/afterbirth?!


Since it does, more or less, look like an ergonomic wrist guard for the keyboard, I gueeeesssss I’ll use it.

I mean, the emotional damage has already been done. In addition, it feels quite nice under my bony hand-arm joints.

Maybe I will reinvent my work space as a safe haven for office supply mutants. I’ll organize coffee breaks, luncheons, the whole shebang…for just me and my bent-out-of-shape paperclips, jammed staplers, dried out white-out, three-legged desks, disconnected phones, non-functional mouse pads, half-operational plus charred headphones, inkless pens, and abandoned plastic folder containers.

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