Even Plagiarism Can Be Performance Art

I did a super fun hosting gig at a music open mic tonight, and of course, without fail, I got Kanye stage rush heckled right in the plummy middle of a longish joke. I was pretty impassive because I suspected something was up as soon as I saw this giddy bloke making haste to the stage. My brain literally just acknowledged, “Ok, now this is happening.”

Original (West vs. Swift)


Cross-heckle (West vs. Bale Reeeeemiiiiiiiiiixxxxxxxx) *caution: explicitly colorful language*

Cross-heckle (West vs. Obama Reeeeeeeemiiiiiiiiiiixxxxxxxx)

I had already heard of an incident like this occurring at another show on Monday night (in the comedy world, time is of the essence!) despite that audience’s not really getting it either.

But honestly, my incident was some tipsy Thomas trying to top his Tuesday night to remember because he only came to the open mic to give his Beyonce speech and then leave. Unfortunately, the audience wasn’t really so into it but this guy was, man oh boy oh manboy oh baby, was he ever.

Whatta champ. He yelled his name out afterward and lifted his arms in the air a la victor in a battle nobody understood. Even he might not remember this at the water cooler tomorrow morning, but for one second, just one second, life had a deeper meaning.

Today’s hecklers have true grit. They stand behind what they say even if it’s a blatant rip-off of somebody else.

And for that, well, “Imma let u finish.”

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