Women Be Chatting!

Earlier today, someone was like “Whose perfume is that? It smells great.”

And I was about to say, “Oh this? It’s nothing. Just my natural musk scents.”

But she was talking to someone else! Plus I would have been lying. I was wearing this eau de orange blossom that actually makes me gag a lot. But I had to change it up. Everybody was tired of knowing my Victoria’s Secret too well.


Also I gossiped a lot today. But I tried to minimize the guilt by doing a crossword puzzle while I was gossiping. I’ve heard multitasking diminishes your skill level regarding all tasks involved so I guess I figured I was gossiping badly so it wasn’t as evil as gossiping full-throttle, no holds barred, winner takes all the shameful glory.

But it was totally fair because when I had to leave to go halfheartedly attend to the rest of my life, all the other gals started talking about me before I was even out of hearing range.


Reality Checkmate

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