Manifest Destiny’s Child

(If you liked the title, then maybe you shoulda put a ring on it!)

So predictably, my insurance situation is all crazed and confused as pertaining to JAWS (what I’ve taken to calling my upcoming jaw surgery, dun dun dun dun dun dun dun).

To the point where I think I am going to make a vision board to help expedite my destiny, or as my friend Molly puts it, “put in an order with the universe’s celestial catalog.”

Envisioning magazine pics!
photo courtesy of Flickr and deb_roby

So far I’m thinking pictures of hospitals and maybe a few thumbnails of some Crest smiles. Maybe a head gear for fun. A red lip couch, why not?

It’s my life! I might also include a blender because gosh knows I will need one of those once my teeth become prisoners wired shut in my own mouf!

Tear smoothie, anybloody?

Thanks to the Internet…


Alright, I did my part. Now I just need to get hold of a member services representative and see what’s what. Also, finding an unclaimed briefcase of money wouldn’t hurt neither.

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