Cry Me a Pungent River of Bulb Tears

I have onion breath.

You can always tell when you have onion breath because you can still taste the onions in a visceral deja vu (but it’s not a dream; it’s disturbingly real) way.

Plus I just ate a slammin’ sandwich whose delightful bod was layered with some fresh red ones.


Once Boyfie had onion breath and romantically, I felt like I was eating onions as well after a few pecks. Facts are facts, and I gave him a pretty atrocious time about it. But now, in retrospect, he couldn’t help it. (Sorry Boyfie!)

Stare into our mesmerizing onion rings!!! You are getting very, very stinky…
photo courtesy of Flickr and Darwin Bell

Raw onions don’t bow to the allegiance of any toothpaste or oral hygiene product. They show up whenever they wanna, make people cry if they wanna, and leave only when they’re good and ready. Everything you eat or drink after a raw onion won’t get past your gullet without smacking of that sharp tang.

That being said, time for some onion coffee. Bottoms up! Thumbs down!

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