The Internet Just Keeps on Giving

I thought I was just watching a regular ol’ music video, no big deal. But there is always more to the web than you would presuppose.

Witness the beginning of this pretty non-technical song rendition (but I have included bold commentary on what this must’ve looked like to someone who is easily surprised):

At 00:07, we see a lens with a blurry focus on the lower halves of some torsos and legs.

At 00:08, we see the emerging of a…what is that, a baby head? An egg?!

At 00:09, the mysterious orb reveals itself as an adult head…on a body!!!

And as 00:10 almost approaches, we see it is none other than the lead singer himself! Who could have guessed it?!?!?!?!

If you think I was being melodramatic, check it out. The people CAN BARELY WRAP THEIR THEIR HEADS AROUND IT, and the song has hardly just begun!!!

In related news, this week just peaked.

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